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[FORUM GIVEAWAY] 5 Mega Mystery Boxes - Ends 21 October

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Hello players of Rival!

Today, we have a simple giveaway for all of you!

The prize is 5 Mega Mystery Boxes. You can enter by answering the question correctly and putting your in-game username(s) in the comments below.

QUESTION: How many different NPCs (including non-combat NPCs) can be found at the Point Zone and what are their names?


  1. You may only enter once. Using multiple accounts is considered as cheating and will be dealt with accordingly.
  2. Answering the question wrong will make you ineligible for the reward.
  3. If you are seen giving answers out in-game and/or on the the forums; both players will be disqualified.

Good luck!

- The Management Team



The winner of the event is "Hc Spaceman". He won by default by having the only correct answer.
Well done!

The correct answer was:

4 Different NPC's are found at the Point Zone.
1. MewTwo
2. Charmeleon
3. Pointzone Dragon
4. Rival Point Store

Pm "Jazzy" in-game for your reward of 5 Mega Mystery Boxes!

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Hc Spaceman, 

4 Different NPC's

1: Mewtwo

2: Charmeleon

3: PointZone Dragon

4: Rival Point store

Edited by Hc spaceman

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Power Time: 3 npc monster 1 shop npc, 

1 MewTwo           2 Charmeleon          3 PointZoneDragon/Celestial Dragon


4 Rival Pointzone Shop    9_9

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