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Updates [09.09.18-14.09.18] - Top 10 - Bonecrusher - Slayer Tokens - 5 Bosses - New Amulets

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TOP 10

  • You can now do ::top10 to see the top 10 damage dealers ingame
  • You can see how much damage you have dealt in the player panel



  • Bosses drop loots to everyone if over 6 people kill him



  • Rick pet now automatically burys your bones. The XP is equal to using the bones on altar.



  • Added more common drops to bosses



  • Slayer store now has slayer tokens in it which you can sell to other players
  • Reduced the cost of Group Slayer gem to 5000 points
  • God Slayer Master now gives 5 different Boss tasks
  • Added God Slayer zone - Teleport tab - Special Teleports - God Slayer Zone which is only accessible when in a slayer group



  • Drop collector no longer has stats
  • Drop collector is now upgradeable to Drop collector(u) which has stats (odds are 1/2)
  • Silver and Gold chain now give only melee stats
  • Added 5 new amulets - Dropped by God Slayer bosses



  • ::drops, ::updates and ::forums commands fixed
  • Fixed bugs with untradeable items being tradeable
  • Fixed a few weapons showing "Unarmed" in the Combat Styles menu
  • Fixed Pathing
  • Made Clan Chat text red - Now better to look at it when in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed a lot of custom items having "Drop" as the wear option
  • Fixed Some items inventory models
  • Fixed Vorago examine being too long to see your kill count
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