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Sir Ritz

Cracker's helper/support application

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Ingame name?: 

How old are you?: 
22, hitting 23 by the end of this year.

Position you are applying for?: 
Position i would like to apply for is for "helper" or "support"

What timezone are you in?: 

Time played / Date registered?: 
257 hours :P

Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: 
No staff experience on Zanyte (Rival)

Have you ever been punished on the Server?: 

What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: 
Create a better environment,keep our new players on the following day,make sure no noobs' question goes unheard.

Extra information (optional)?: 

I like this server a lot. so ill be very active. Also i'm 420 friendly ! 


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