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  1. Mr Whale's application

    +1 from me for sure I'd like to see how áctive you are, also active in helping players. moderater rank would be really great for him. A
  2. Ingame name?: A How old are you?: I'm 18 years old. Position you are applying for?: Server - Support What timezone are you in?: GMT+1 (Europe West). Time played / Date registered?: I've played totally around 90 hours. but it has been resetted twice. Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: I've been staff on many custom servers, Sadly most of my screenshots are lost. ive been all posititions in the past From helper to co - owner. Have you ever been punished on the Server?: No , I've never been punished. it was always like when i joined a new server, they already know me. and had good thoughts about me so i've been staff quicker on many servers. What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: Well i wont do any thing else then what im doing right now.because im Helping people alot. and thats really my job. in real life i also work in care so yeh helping people is my life. and i just like to talk to people. but if i get staff, i will be a little more proffesional. and helping with great ideas. make people stay by giving them a help boost when they are new. like im doing already in the game. Extra information (optional)?: I've been in contact with like all the staff members. i am having a really nice time with them. they give me the feelings that im really welcome. and i would like to get closer to the server. by "helping the server more" than i already do. It would be nice if you would leave an honest opinion Friendly greetings, A