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  1. I don't do much server side, but I have seen you working hard for a couple months now and have noticed your proficiency and tactfulness when helping out players +1 from me
  2. Food for Thought

    The Classic George Berkely inspired philosophical question Scientifically yes, sound is just vibrations coming from an object moving in a certain way, so yes. However, people would argue that it's not just about if it makes the vibrations, but someone has to be there to perceive the sound. Basically it comes down to what philosophical school of thought you subscribe to. As a subscriber of lower tier Nihilism, I believe we don't matter enough to feel like a trees sound is solely based off if a human or other creature hears it. Space always makes sound, no one is there to listen to it. Someone who believes that something has to perceive the sound for it to exist, has a self centered school of thought. That's just my interpretation, and even if you have a self centered school of thought, that's perfectly fine I'm not saying that's wrong, I just don't personally subscribe to that kind of thinking! Everyone perceives the world differently so take everything I say with a grain of salt
  3. I'm very active in-game and on Forums.

    If you look at the pages I did awhile back that show the items and such that's more of what I'm looking for. The page you made takes maybe 5 minutes and no coding experience to make. I know the wiki is barely touched but I'm going to be taking that as my next project. If you're truly interested in helping with the wiki please create a few pages for a specific item that have tables and stats to show off that item, look at the OG runescape wiki and try and make it look more like those. For now I'm not going to hire you, but if you are serious about this comment new pages you've made and if they're good ill give them a look! Thanks!
  4. Eco reset and rebranding.

    The reason we're doing this is because the dupe glitch got around quickly before we could patch it, so we kind of have no choice. We never plan to do an eco reset, its caused by the people abusing bugs, so I hope no one abuses a dupe glitch again and we will never have to do an eco reset again
  5. Qiffy's Trial Forum Moderator Application

    Glad to be the one to hire you, welcome aboard! Everyone welcome Qiffy to the staff team Ill look forward to working with you in the near future
  6. Reccomend a song!

    Is the one category you don't like rap? Im from Detroit so Im either listening to chill tunes or some gangster shit
  7. Why be a king if you can be a BALDGOD

    Welcome to the community man, look forward to seeing you around
  8. A quick welcome!

    Welcome to the server Lewis!
  9. Loyalist Forum Rank

    I'm thinking possibly 250 hours and 5 vouches from ranked players (super sponsor+) proving that you are active and play That's my personal idea of it
  10. Free entrance for super sponsors @gwd

    Never mind the drop rates, they are low, however the bosses are literally supposed to be dropping them once or twice a day with people grinding all day. Theyre supposed to be super hard to get, with the super sponsor free entry it does kind of ruin the point. If you die you have to either use a key to grind it all again to get in. That's how I feel it should be for all players, even super sponsor. Having super sponsor free access also makes it much harder for normal players-sponsor to even go because super sponsors will be there grinding all day Just my thought on it
  11. Hd's dicer app

    You're required to have 100 hours in game at the very least to be accepted as a Gambler. You also have to act professional, you just made fun of a guy who lost. Not something we want from our trusted gamblers. Denied.
  12. Anna's gambler application

    You have my vouch. Taking it to the other staff currently.
  13. Dummymeo

    Welcome to Zanyte you big dummy