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  1. Hd's dicer app

    Im not applying or making the statement I did help anyone lol and the fact you responded like that shows that you aren't mature in the slightest. Pretty much shows how childish you are, but hey that's my opinion. Plus your singling out other players in a thread that's suppose to make you look good HAHA that'srich.
  2. Hd's dicer app

    I don't understand how having high valued items make you eligible for gambler. What if someone wants to gamble and can't afford those items you just going to say no. Plus never seen you help anyone so what would change if you were a gambler lol. Still no trust to mm.
  3. Top 5 Donators - June

    I feel like there needs to be a time deadline to because we don't all share the same times. When its midnight for you its 3pm for me so we need to make the time deadline match server time.