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  1. Items Guide

    Thanks for the guide, plenty helpful mate!
  2. I fear.. I may have gone too creative on my account photo, background, and signature.

    1. Galars


      "creative" isn't the word I would use :P

    2. Strength


      aha, most weirdest profile on forums, alongside signature.

    3. Brownie


      +1 for creativity 

  3. A much less salty formal reintroduction.

    welp. welcome back mate, glad to have you even if you cant be here much.
  4. Welcome Strength!

    This is pretty cool, that it does a whole post for welcoming players. makes me feel special. p.s. your sig is too big.
  5. Top 5 Donators - June

    jealous, you donate, you get put up on leader boards, you get rewarded