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    Hiya, I'm Darkana. Call me whatever ya like, I don't really care. Just got bored on another server so looked for a different one and saw this and thought I'd give it a shot. I can get along with just about everyone so you'll probably see me talking once I figure things out. Though, I'd recommend against that because I can get cringey and stupid very quick. I like to try and be the idiot of the server, but not in a toxic way. I have a tendency to tell people stuff out of the norm. But if you can get used to that, I'm not that bad. I hope. Anyways, a little more about me is I'm learning to draw. I used to do a lot of video editing when I was on a PK Server so I know a bit about that. I used to be heavily into Graphics Design but after making Forum Signatures for almost two years and not seeing any progress on my own, I stopped doing that. Now I don't do a whole lot besides trying to learn to draw. Oh well. Hi :^)