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  1. KingOfBattle's Helper Application

    Thank you for commenting, but I'm not sure what you mean by it's not readable or very nice? For me, Zanyte has a black background and my application is written in yellow text, therefore it appears to stand out for me. Thanks again. I believe we have crossed paths quite a few times. Thanks for commenting! Hi and thanks for commenting. I don't recall seeing much of you in game, but as you had said it's most likely due to a timezone conflict. Thank you for commenting! Don't forget to use the poll and vote! Thanks again! Regards, KingOfBattle
  2. KingOfBattle's Helper Application

    Thank you Ryan! Much appreciated!
  3. KingOfBattle's Helper Application

    Ingame name?: KingOfBattleHow old are you?: 22Position you are applying for?: Server Helper/ Trial ModWhat timezone are you in?: GMT -6Time played / Date registered?: Date registered is sometime back in November/December, before Zanyte became a thing. (as of time of this post)Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: On Zanyte RSPS no, but on the previous server yes.Have you ever been punished on the Server?: No.What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: One of my personal accomplishments for the server are more aimed towards new players. I believe when there are new players, it grows the potential of the server, therefore I would aim to welcome all new players with open arms. Another personal accomplishment is to give incentives for those who are loyal to the community. Those who spend countless hours grinding and making Zanyte a place for everyone to consider a place to chill with friends. I enjoy community based private servers, it allows the server to have more of a backbone, a reason for community members to come and hang out, although they may not play the game. As for accomplishments as a staff member, I look at this question a little weird. As a staff member, you are a part of the Staff Team. It should be a goal of everyone on board to contribute and accomplish goals set out by the higher ranking members of staff (i.e. ~50 players, a rise in donations, community events, etc) and that is what I will stick to.Extra information (optional)?: I've pretty much been here from the beginning. I've seen players come and go, and I have made quite a few friends here. I have spent quite a bit of time and effort (maxed, super sponsor) to help the server grow and it has done well.
  4. Inquiries

    Trust me I would've been had the title if it weren't for any resets lol.
  5. New minigame?

    I like the idea, just don't see the point of 60 seconds to use a key. Does the player get teleported if he/she doesn't use it in time and have to redo the whole minigame? All for a 60 second timer when they just defeated all those waves lol? Good idea overall though! Regards, KingOfBattle
  6. Slayer Task- Celestial Dragon

    If I'm not mistaken, they're already a task from the intermediate slayer master. Dragon pet will be so sick! OT: Agree with adding more drops, even if it's the normal 1-5 zanyte bucks.
  7. I had started this on the previous forums, but I'll go again here! The game is simple: How well is the person above you on a scale of 1 - 10? Post below and get the game going! Regards, KingOfBattle
  8. Loot from 100 sponsor bosses | EZ CASH!!!

    Awesome video dude, pretty cool effects. Looking forward to seeing you post more!
  9. New Boss

    I think this is a good idea, something that'll bring the server together maybe for a community event. The top 5 will be announced and perhaps given a grand prize? I like your idea though!