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  1. Qiffy's Hello

    Hey welcome to our family! <3
  2. Welcome ezaf!

    welcome ;P
  3. Well you dont have the post count either, nor do you have enough ingame time. Sorry man. is a no from me.
  4. Anna's staff application (with poll)

    got 13 post count by the time im posting this, i could easily get the 15 post count if i spammed forum. but i dont feel the need to spam unecessary shit
  5. Anna's staff application (with poll)

    I appreciate the feedback, and yes i do argue but as always, i do talk with them and square up ;P
  6. Anna's staff application (with poll)

    KingOfBattle I've noticed you also have an open application for Gambler. Which is it that you're trying to do? Be a staff member or a gambler? If the answer is staff then you've got my vote. Applicant seems exceptionally knowledgeable on different aspects of the server. hc zeed1263 him has to be staff his so good helped me alot and him love to help everyone i hope anna's be a staff! Regards. hc zeed1263 baldgod Yes from me she helped me allot on this server Wiseoldballs I think it's better to start with helper and work your way up. But hey i don't choose only i thing i can say is good luck with your application! -wiseoldballs- Hades Best of luck luck Anna Mr Whale Best of luck with your application, may I point you at the fact that you have not added a Poll to your application? Please add a poll, thanks in advance.
  7. I ONLY WANT 100% YOUR OPINION. BE HONEST! Ingame name?: AnnaHow old are you?: 20Position you are applying for?: mainly trial moderator, can do support if thats neededWhat timezone are you in?: GMT +2Time played / Date registered?: 172 hours, registered long time before Zanyte got out from beta. <-- time as i applied. (Current time: 190 hours)Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: Was player moderator on previous server, resigned because owner was a complete idiot, been co owner and also admin multiple times.Have you ever been punished on the Server?: No.What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: My goal as a staff member is to help out people the best i can, guide the newer players and help them getting started, if someone need help i will stop whatever im doing to help them out. I never take sides in an conflict as i like to stay neutral, id like to hear both sides of it / read logs before i can deal with it. As in person im normally really calm i've been a bit toxic at times but that changes if i get promoted to an staff position, as i have to be professional. im also well known in the community and i can conversate well with everyone. I WILL ALSO BE HOSTING TONS OF EVENTS! Extra information (optional)?: I think i should be promoted because of my previous experiences as staff, my personality and the ability to help people out at all times, aswell as being able to communicate with everyone. and my ability to host events really good ;P
  8. Upgrading cryptic sword

    support. 50/50 more people will do it
  9. Dummymeo life problem atm

    Thats heartbreaking! I rly hope you get back to her again. Take care and remember, ill be here for you. ❤️
  10. In-game name: Anna Age: 20 Time-zone: GMT +2 Time in game: 166 hours Have you ever been punished on the server before? No. Why you think you should get the gambler rank: i have decent bank value, i love dicing and will always be legit. i will never gamble more than i can handle losing and i will never attempt to clean anyone. i wont take bank bets from people. and even if i lose everything from gambling i will still be around.