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  1. Signature, Banner, and Avatar pic. Request

    Thank you very much!
  2. New Boss

    Been done before i know, but a very effective "Boss" to make is a (::1mhp) a boss or bosses with multiple npcs and 1 million hitpoints, that drops pretty good stuff but with low rates, low or high defence but rarely ever hits the player. This helps people train as well which is a big + and i'm sure a lot of people would like it you could also possibly make it if it's 1 boss have it drop items for the top 5 people with the most dps or if it's a singular npc 1 on 1 have an afk timer to auto kick after 10 minutes so they at least have to move around. just a suggestion thanks for looking.
  3. Hello, i have a request that would be greatly appreciated. I need a forums Signature, Banner, and profile Avatar made for me, I've always wanted one just never had experience with graphics design, This is something that is not needed but once again would be appreciated maybe something that would test you as graphics designers abilities, If you would like you can put a watermark in the photo too so people know who made it anywhere and everwhere i use it (mainly forums). Thank you for viewing my request and if anyone attempts to help me with this i would be forever greatful, Thank you and have a great day. I like the colors Red, Black, and Teal the most but would like to stick with a red and black theme if possible, i like abstract styles with sharp edges, or scenic backgrounds with a view and i love cursive or any text with a smooth style too it, If anymore questions are needed please post a reply and i will try and get back with you as fast as possible.
  4. Boss Stats

    Good idea, However would it be solo drops. Say if a team of 5 were to kill a boss it only drops an item one time? because if that's the case sometimes it becomes unfair as to losing drops to the stronger usually richer player each and every time. I've seen on a few other servers a system that makes every player attacking the boss get a seperate drop and you can set it to the top dps players, So the top 2,5,10, etc. players get drops.
  5. Killcount