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    I would like my deluxe donor rank please
  3. Killcount

    Hello everyone, I was thinking of a command that would show our total killcount in game like ::totalkc or a more detailed one like ::npckills which would show each npc and then the killcount of it while it would contain the total kc on the top of it. Along with that i was thinking of a feature like Drop Rate or Double Drop rate % to be added according to the KC. For example 500/2k/4k/6k/8k/10k KC would get a % of double drop rate which would work passively for very rare drops++. The double drop rate thing could also be enhanced via Prestige System. Let me know what you guys think about it. Thank you
  4. Psych0

    Hello guys, my name is Nick. I live in Cyprus where i am doing my master degree. I am 23 years old. I am a physiotherapist. I speak English, Greek. My hobbies are mainly basketball and playing the guitar. I have been playing rs since the age of 10 and i really love pking. Hope we're gonna have a great time in here See you in game!!