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  1. XKetamine Introduction

    Welcome to the Server, my fellow Dutch person. Enjoy your time on here and let's talk some time aye! Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  2. Even though I normally distance myself from voting on applications, I just have to give this guy a +1. Not only has he proven himself worthy of being helpful and qualifying for the job, he's a great member of the community aswell. Goodluck with your application brother! Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  3. Hardcore's application

    Seeing as this post is locked, I am assuming it either got denied or you gave up going for a rank. Therefore I will move this Thread. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  4. KingOfBattle's Helper Application

    Denied due to a removal from the Server. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  5. Personality's Helper Application

    Denied due to a removal from the Server. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  6. Rastafumes referral

    Read this thread, then post an application with the following; -IGN: (would be Rastafumes in this case). -IGN of Referrer; (would be Hades in this case). After you've posted this, Zanyte will contact you to set everything in motion. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  7. Demotion - Anna

    Problem has been dealt with. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  8. Donovan's app

    Heard you quit the game, denied for now. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  9. BungSnack's Application for anything to help the server

    Noticed you haven't logged in on the Forums since the 8th of May, not sure if you're still playing or not. MOVED. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  10. A quick welcome!

    Welcome to Zanyte Lewis, can't wait to have that conversation in-game buddy. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  11. Loyalist Forum Rank

    Although I like the idea of having a "Loyalist" rank, in my opinion 100+ hours is a low amount for such a prestigious rank. I would honestly set it at 250+ hours, but we will have one problem though. There is a high possibility players will just afk and then claim the rank from us. I like the idea and was thinking about something similair myself, but the risk of players going afk just for the rank would be high. We could however modify your requirements for the rank to make it more grindable to achieve. Thank you for your suggestion! Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  12. Anna's staff application (with poll)

    May I remind you of the fact that we look at your behaviour BEFORE you actually become a Staff-member. Now people may think that, just because he/she isn't a staff-member yet, they don't have to act all professional and stuff yet, this is not the truth. You can see it as a job application; the writing is like 30%, the experience etc u give us is 70%. Now this was just a friendly notification in general, I am going to stick with what I said earlier; goodluck with your application! Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  13. Qiffy's Hello

    Welcome to Zanyte, I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us! Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  14. Personality's Helper Application

    I have got to give u a thumbs-up for your use of grammar and the way you made your application look. Damn son! I wish you the best of luck with your application. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
  15. Dummymeo life problem atm

    Lots of respect for you, the fact that you share something so personal is inspiring. I would like to wish you the best of luck and offer you my support aswell! Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.