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  1. New minigame?

    This is nice, something new to grind for. Looking forward to this one. So far I like the idea.
  2. In-game name: Arcturus Age: 22 Time-zone: GMT +8 (Philippines) Time in game: 281 hours Have you ever been warned/punished on the server before? no Why you think you should get the gambler rank: To promote safe and clean gamling. And to be able to host people who want to gamble since there is only one trusted dicers/gamler rank in the server. I compliment that dicer really well since I live in an opposite timezone.
  3. Inquiries

    I was wondering what the requirements are for veteran rank. So far I have logged 281 hours played
  4. Slayer Task- Celestial Dragon

    I think Celestial dragon will be moved to intermediate tasks and will drop pointzone dragon pet in the next update!
  5. Arcturus' Application

  6. Arcturus' Application

    Ingame name?: Arcturus How old are you?: 22 Position you are applying for?: Server Moderator, Helper What timezone are you in?: GMT +8 (Philippines) Time played / Date registered?: 216 hours / May 16, 2018 Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: I've been a server moderator, forum moderator, global moderator, and admin Have you ever been punished on the Server?: No What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: Hear the voices of players to make the server more accommodating especially to new players but at the same time maintain the balance of the game. With my vast knowledge of the game, I can easily answer any question a player may ask. Provide and suggest new content for the game regularly to exponentially arouse more interest from new and old players. The fact that I live in a different time zone from most of the players (GMT +8, Philippines) will ensure that there will always be a staff online to provide services to whoever will need help. And the most important thing is I will handle every situation without bias. Extra information (optional)?: I am an Aeronautical Engineer by Trade. I mostly make drones and wind tunnels which means I have a vast knowledge in programming and very good with math.