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  1. Account reset

    I recovered your account "Brandon", however there was no account "Fortnite" that was reset due to inactivity.
  2. TOP 10 You can now do ::top10 to see the top 10 damage dealers ingame You can see how much damage you have dealt in the player panel BOSS DROPS Bosses drop loots to everyone if over 6 people kill him BONECRUSHER Rick pet now automatically burys your bones. The XP is equal to using the bones on altar. COMMON DROPS Added more common drops to bosses SLAYER Slayer store now has slayer tokens in it which you can sell to other players Reduced the cost of Group Slayer gem to 5000 points God Slayer Master now gives 5 different Boss tasks Added God Slayer zone - Teleport tab - Special Teleports - God Slayer Zone which is only accessible when in a slayer group AMULETS Drop collector no longer has stats Drop collector is now upgradeable to Drop collector(u) which has stats (odds are 1/2) Silver and Gold chain now give only melee stats Added 5 new amulets - Dropped by God Slayer bosses BUGFIXES ::drops, ::updates and ::forums commands fixed Fixed bugs with untradeable items being tradeable Fixed a few weapons showing "Unarmed" in the Combat Styles menu Fixed Pathing Made Clan Chat text red - Now better to look at it when in fullscreen mode Fixed a lot of custom items having "Drop" as the wear option Fixed Some items inventory models Fixed Vorago examine being too long to see your kill count
  3. Bones Experience

    Aaawesome guide! Hope to see more of these coming from you