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  1. Free entrance for super sponsors @gwd

    Super sponsees barely have any benefits , it’s nice to actually get something for what we paid for . It seems like you may have brought this up because you got a lot of drops and now are afraid of other players catching up to you . 90% of the no votes will be by non super supersponsers who want don’t want super sponsors to have any benefits they don’t have and will cry Nerf
  2. Chris v2 gambler app

    dont support this , not much time in server and not a liked player in community.
  3. jodeys app

    In-game name:jodey Age:20 Time-zone:east Time in game:100+ hours Have you ever been warned/punished on the server before? to my knowledge no, Why you think you should get the gambler rank: i would like to host for players to be able to gamble their money safely without a chance of being scammed.
  4. Mr Whale's application

    Curses way to much in public chat, jokes around about too many wrong things . Couldn’t see as moderator causes too many problems
  5. Donovan's app

    Jodey How old are you?: 20 Position you are applying for?: moderator , or helper What timezone are you in?: Eastern Time played / Date registered?: 100+ hours /registered 5/14Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: Not with this server no, have been admin and moderator on other servers ; ikov , dreamscape , a few small servers Have you ever been punished on the Server?: No What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: Make events for players like skilling events or boss events to get players to do things together more . Make sure to help any players who have questions and direct them to where to get answers if I can not provide them . Make the community just a better and more welcoming place and finding out the wants and needs of the players .
  6. Donations

    Selling donations 25$ for 7t
  7. jodey's introduction

    hello i am jodey, first name Donovan . not really sure what to put but im a xbox gamer, work full time in the union. Age 21 state:indiana ill probably reformat this and edit but good enough for now.