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  1. Personality's Helper Application

    Well written application. Thumbs up from me
  2. Anna's staff application (with poll)

    Maybe not Moderator, but you have my vouch for Server helper
  3. Anna's gambler application

    Known Anna since the start of this server. You got my vote
  4. Hd's dicer app

    Uhmmm trust is a big thing on this server lol. Your ingame time means alot. A person doesn't just make bank then think they can apply for gambler rank 4 days after them registering lmao. I mean all the best though
  5. Hd's dicer app

    Where's your cash stack? Not enough time ingame to be a trusted dicer imo
  6. Free entrance for super sponsors @gwd

    Agreed. GWD gear waay easier to get without the use of magic keys. GWD gear coming into the server faster than cryptic gear...
  7. Chris v2 gambler app

    This guy known for borrowing items then staking it. Untrusted
  8. Inquiries

    damn if my points didn't reset, i would've had 400k+ by now
  9. Inquiries

    I think account has to be 3 months old or something
  10. "A" Ingame Server - Support Application

    I'm sorry you had to go out like that man I know the server is hella bugged, but you shouldn't rage stake your bank then harass Zanyte's family like that. Farewell man
  11. Arcturus' Application

    Thumbs up from me
  12. Signature, Banner, and Avatar pic. Request

    I will think about it after all of these orders I have to do