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  1. http://thefashiondeli.com

    Shutup pussy nobody cares
  2. Fishing Guide

    Nice guide! Great idea, thanks for this. +1 Sincerely, Hades
  3. Thoughts on Fatal

    Fatal is definitely a well respected staff member in this community. +1
  4. Loot From Boxes/Keys

    I think overall that's a fair amount of loot to get.
  5. The Indian Introduction

    Welcome Indian, Same as rasta, don't think we spoke yet. Will be nice meeting you in-game.
  6. Format: In-game name: Hades Rank in-game: Super-sponsor/Gold bag Proof:
  7. Thank you very much, appreciate it.
  8. Hades' Application In-game name?: Hades How old are you?: 18 What position are you applying for?: Server Helper What timezone are you in?: Eastern Timezone Time played / Date registered?: Registered: May 8, 2018 Hours in-game: (Screenshot) Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: I do not have any experience with Rival PS. But a few years ago I used to administrate several RSPS'. Have you ever been punished on the Server?: No, I have never been punished on the server. What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: My goal to aim for as a staff member on the Server would be to become a trusted player whom all players are able to freely talk to about their concerns or ask questions. I would like to succeed in keeping the community friendly/non-toxic, which in my opinion gives a better representation to any new player. I would like to assist all other staff members and/or players in any possible way I can and to continue monitoring the server to ensure no rules are being broken (and if the rules are broken, make there an appropiate punishment will follow). I am able to give great ideas for future updates aswell as answer any question a player might ask, being here since the Beta gave me a lot of knowledge concerning the Server.. I would aim to be an excellent staff member who's goal is to make this server better every day. Extra information (optional)?: My name is Matthew, I was born in raised in Canada. My interests are video games, off-roading, computer science, etc. I love enjoying my weekends partying (Who doesn't). I think you should pick me over someone else because I am active daily, assisting as much as possible, helping when help is needed. Also, I'm a great guy to talk to I appreciate you taking your time for reading this application, thanks. Sincerely, Hades
  9. Rastafumes' Helper Application

    +1 he is my irl friend. very loyal guy, I trust him pretty well. I think he is fit for the position, he is hella more active then me, knows his stuff and tries his best to help out other players. I think you should pick Devin to become a helper.
  10. 420BlazeEt's Gumblor Applacatien

    +2 dank application
  11. Brownie Welcome party

    Welcome to Zanyte! I appreciate you stopping by!!
  12. Top5 Medal/Icon

    Well, custom ranks are supposed to be on the forums every top-5 but it seems that they haven't gotten around to it. This is basically already added, just not put into the forums yet (In-game top5 ranks are added, you can see for an example I got a gold bag:P) I like the suggestion for the award, but yes is very unnecessary. Thanks, Hades
  13. A quick welcome!

    Waddup Lewis! Enjoy this RSPS! It's dope
  14. Free entrance for super sponsors @gwd

    Droprate was too low, that's all you need to do. Keep it free for super sponsors just make it so it's fair for everyone to get a drop.