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  1. Money Making Guide - Fade So you wanna learn some ways to make money ehh?, well you came to the right guide this post is gonna show you all the ultimate ways to make money on Zanyte. 1. PvM - Bossing is one of the best money makers on the server. 2. Supporting the Server - Voting & Donating are amazing for money, you're also helping the server!
  2. Fade's Starter's Guide!

    Welcome to Zanyte! Okay, so you've just created your brand new account in the world of Zanyte!, you will then be prompted with a Starter Selection. You have a choice between 3 different modes Once chosen you will then be prompted to create a bank pin, this is very crucial as it could save your bank from being hacked! Okay now that you've all the starter prompts out of the way you can begin your journey to Zanyte, Equip the items given, and select the teleport interface on the bottom left of your map! After selecting the button a interface should pop up, select "Training Island" After selecting training island it will take you to a zone filled with luigi's! Your goal here is to obtain 99's in all melee, 43 in prayer, and the Purgatory set w/ Golden Vamp MH/OH Next up you want to head to American Torva! Your goal here is to obtain the american torva set! Sweet!, now you've completed the starter status of Zanyte! continue down the teleports one by one to upgrade your sets! I hope you all found my guide to be helpful i am in game at all times!, if you need help! IGN: Fade Forums: Fade Discord: Fade Have an amazing day!
  3. Fade's Introduction

    I've been around this community for quite sometime now, I have many hours spread around the different communities we've had, but anyways lets get straight into my introduction! Name: Mason Age: 13/i turn 14 in 16 days. Information: I play varsity for my schools basketball, baseball team, i have been around the runescape scene since i was 7 years old, so roughly 5 years now. I have managed many great private servers ranging from custom to old schools, many people have taken judge due to my young age, however i have proved many wrong. I have a strong loyalty to servers i enjoy, and Zanyte has always been a server i've had faith in. This community that we have evolved into has a greater chance of being one of top servers and i firmly believe that, but anyways hope everyone made it to the end of my introduction and enjoyed my story, i am in-game/discord/forums 24-7, if you need any help or please be sure to contact me IGN - Fade Forums - Fade Discord - Fade Have a wonderful day!