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  1. My Guild Intro

    Hello guys, My name is Dubby and i'll be telling you a little something about what i have planned for the community. I will be starting a guild called ZG(ZanyteGang). I will be hosting events every week and once a month for a huge giveaway to one of you lucky weiners. To participate you have to be active in the discord voice chat. Now i have no rules based on which voice chat you're in as long as you're able to hear me announce in the voice chat the giveaway. Anybody ingame who finds that im hosting you can't participate unless you are actually in fact in the discord voice chat. Anyone in my guild will be my co-hosts for my events. DM me on discord if you'd like to join. Benefits: Anyone in my guild can partake in my events even if you're not in the discord voice chat. You have double the chance of obtaining an item from my end of month giveaway. Requirements: 125 hours played, 3t a month for this guild membership, and willing to give away items for the community.
  2. New minigame?

    I'm super stoked. I can't wait for this to be implemented. Good luck team.
  3. Top Voters of May

    Congrats guys!
  4. jodey's introduction

    Hey buddy, welcome to the server. I'm a day late but i've noticed your activity online today was strong so i hope to see you tomorrow. Good luck on loots.
  5. Hades Introduction

    I wish you the best stay of your life here on this server.
  6. Referral Application

  7. Toilet of swirlies

  8. Welcome Galars!

    Galars is very awesome with his showcase awesome to see him on the team.
  9. Welcome Skillerprod!

    Keep up the skiling
  10. Welcome Madara!

    Madara is an awesome staff member keep up the good work!
  11. Welcome Fatal!

    Hey fatal great job as a staff member keep up the work!
  12. Welcome Archie!

    It's a pleasure to meet you archie
  13. GOod luck homie!
  14. Ingame name?: DubbyHow old are you?: 27Position you are applying for?: GamblerWhat timezone are you in?: EstrnTime played / Date registered?: 69 hoursHave you ever been punished on the Server?: NoWhat would you aim to accomplish as a gambler on the Server?: Keeping all dicing games clean/safeExtra information (optional)?: I will focus on keeping all games paid in full.
  15. Torvas

    Will you be removing the gear completely or just from the mob list? I don't want to lose what i'm wearing.