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  1. Bilsons Referrs

    I'm going to post the peoples names I have referred to play this server, The amount will probably be bumped up all the time FYI. My Ign; Bilson (Obviously) Referred username\s; Robbie, Sulake, Amy, El Chapo, (There were some others I cant think of right now).
  2. My Application - minu avaldus

    I would vouch for you on the basis of you're extremely helpful, active, and such but... Majority of the staff are based in the Estonia reign, I know the three developers are. And I believe the server needs a more spread out timezone difference between staff members. I'm sorry. +1 -1 (Neutral) GOODLUCK!
  3. NemoHC Helper Application

    +1 vouch for this fella, I believe we need more staff members in game, and I consistently see Nemo online, helping, buying, selling, and he is a good natured fella. Goodluck mate.