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  1. Rastafumes' Helper Application

    Rasta is extremely helpful to the community. He's highly active and always helps in clan chat and via Pm. He's also trust worthy and has the right type of people skills to make good decisions to make an impact on the sever. Not only that , but he also helps in Discord chat. He helps to the best of his ability and I would like to see him as an in-game helper . I personally know he has what it takes for this position, he will not disappoint you but instead go above the expectation to help with the best of his ability ! I Vouch for him 100%, best of luck my friend :).
  2. Staff Feedback - July 2018

    Fatal, seems to be the best , every issue I had he was able to resolve quickly and effectively :).
  3. Mbox Update Idea

    Support this idea man , the wheel spin thing is way to slow tbh.
  4. Sponsor Rank Giveaway!

    mememme ! thankss