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  1. Top Voters of July

    Congratulations to everyone ( keep voting guys ) !!!!!! -Ali&abul
  2. special shops and prices by -wiseoldballs-

    This is a great guide @Wiseoldballs keep up the great work !!!! -Ali&abul
  3. XKetamine Introduction

    Welcome to the community ! , I hope u enjoy ur stay , if u need anything pm me on discord or in game , if u need some help about videos ( media ) feel free to ask me for help mate !!! Enjoy your time ! -Ali&abul
  4. Mining Guide

    I really appreciate ur work , this guide is really helpful , thanks for making it ! -Ali&abul
  5. Woodcutting Guide

    U created many guides !! , and they are really helpful , keep it up mate ! -Ali&abul
  6. Farming Guide

    keep it up , good guide ! -Ali&abul
  7. Herblore Guide

    Amazing guide !! -Ali&abul
  8. Summoning Guide

    This guide looks helpful ! , Good work mate ! -Ali&abul
  9. Farming&Herblore Guide

    This guide looks really helpful and useful , keep it up mate !!!! -Ali&abul
  10. Summoning Guide

    Im sure this guide will help keep it up mate ! -Ali&abul
  11. Woodcutting, Fletching&Firemaking Guide

    Amazing guide !! Nice one !! -Ali&abul
  12. Fishing&Cooking Guide

    Nice guide ma boiii keep it up Im sure it will help -Ali&abul
  13. Runecrafting guide

    Nice guide @Estpure !!! Keep it up mate -Ali&abul
  14. Cooking Guide

    wow... , absolutely amazing guide !! keep it up -Ali&abul