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  1. The Indian Introduction

    hey man seen you around alot glad to see u made an introduction. nice to meet you
  2. Thoughts on Fatal

    i agree, i see him online quite alot and he seem's to take care of everyones issue as long as they make him aware. he def helped me as a noob too. 10/10 agree with this
  3. Rastafumes' Helper Application

    To be honest when i first met rasta, it wasn't easy to get along with him. we are both very dominate people so we clashed heads alot. it wasn't until days later i got to know him. he's laid back, respectful, kind to his friends, but most of all, helpful and he shows sympathy. i've seen him not only personally help people, with knowledge, items, etc, but i've seen him take time out of his own game time to put forth that commitment to help. if there's someone on this server whose a player that deserves more. it's rasta.