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  1. Welcome to my guide on starting out your RivalPS Adventure with PVM. RivalPS works around a fairly straight forward system of progression that can be described as linear. You have to kill a certain amount of monsters to be able to teleport to the next area. Each different style of combat has six different tiers of enemy, they grow stronger and harder to kill as they go on. I will detail how many kills you require as well as the basic requirements for each area. So You Just Logged In... You are given donator, some starting gear, food and potions. You already have everything you need to start training your melee stats up to 99 in a few different ways, depending on your game mode some are easier than others. You should head over to ::train and get started because you're going to need to kill 20 Ricks and 20 Mortys before you can move on. These npcs have 1 in 35 to drop Purgatory Set Pieces, 1 in 90 to drop Red Vamp Sword and Defender and 1/90 to drop Gold Vamp Defender. The purgatory armor will be your cheapest bet to start getting your kill counts up. This is the best way for most players to get 99 in the melee stats. Another option, mostly recommended for Hardcore players, is to head over to the AFK Box Zone either before or after you get some gear from ::train and just attack the mobs here on controlled. They have 1 Million HP and do not hit higher than 0. You can easily sit your account here and watch something on youtube or netflix. At this point, I would also recommend saving up your money and checking the POS for some cheap boss bones. You can easily find them for 1-2b each and they are the best prayer exp in the game currently. You can also find prayer brawlers in the prestige shop if you earn some points from skilling that will increase your exp with bonus exp per bone. You can bury your bones at the gilded altar found at home or by pressing the prayer skill icon in your skills tab. Each tier of melee enemy will most likely require you to bring food and at least a few pieces of the previous tiers set pieces. The range and mage hit a little bit harder than the melee ones do. In order to avoid using the most food you should use protect from mage/melee/range until you have level 92 prayer for soulsplit at which point you can start bringing mostly prayer potions. Both food and potions can be found at the consumable seller at home. TL;DR: Kill 20 Ricks and 20 Mortys, get enough gear to survive at american torva and get the killcount to move on, rinse and repeat. Below here you can find the requirements and drop rates for the tiered mobs in the teleporter next to the minimap. Thanks for reading and +Rep me if this helped you! Melee Range Magic
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    Hey guys, name is Joey. I'll be around pretty often just silently farming away. Feel free to PM me here or in game for help or just to talk.
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