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  1. Eco reset and rebranding.

    @mrwizard420 donations should be logged and sent back to original payment owner so i believe if all those donations are under your name you will get them back/refunded in game I have nothing to say to the dupers. People act on selfish ideals without thinking of the effect on others; impossible to avoid that in all of human history. Will be here till the death of this server, been LOVIN it! Idk how much ill help the new eco, cause I love breaking osrs's market, but Ill be here buying things for way too much money as always o/
  2. Food for Thought

    I would say no. Sound only becomes sound once a living creature, who has the ability to perceive the resonance of the air pressure waves, interacts in some way with those air waves. So if no creature is around the falling tree then technically no sounds is produced. If a planet of completely deaf beings existed then sound would never exist to them. In the vacuums of space where there is no air there is no sound. At least, i guess, if any creature who listens through vibrations of solid mass like the ground shaking then maybe someone/something would hear it. But if no humans are around then def no, no sound is produced.