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  1. I'm very active in-game and on Forums.

    Is this good enough? i could do more i just need to know if this is decent for you.. https://zanyte.wikia.com/wiki/Weapon_Main-Page?venotify=created
  2. I'm very active in-game and on Forums.

  3. I'm very active in-game and on Forums.

    I just got this message sorry, i haven't been looking on forums lately until now, so i through this together (still under development obviously)...:P i need the in-game statistics so i can add them though.
  4. Updates 13.06.2018 - 04.07.2018

    Nice, just need to buff Raygun to 3-4 hits and damage from 4k to like 5.5k and i'll love you forever!
  5. Sponsor Rank Giveaway!

    Oh man, sounds sweet!!! IGN: Cruelspecs <3
  6. Eco reset and rebranding.

  7. Ray Gun Buff

    Could just remove it from the Zombie's Minigame and keep it $100 and buff it though, if that makes sense...
  8. Ray Gun Buff

    I've recently purchased a Raygun and it being $100 or 28k Points in the Zombies minigame, it really isn't worth buying.... Whilst the "Rainbow Whip" is a droppable item, it hits faster and harder than the Raygun and it's pretty much free. Could you somehow make the Raygun atleast hit 3-4 times instead of 2 times? it would help the price of it. Thanks.
  9. In-game name: CruelSpecs Age: 26 Wiki name: CruelSpecs Coding experience: -read and write HTML5 on an Intermediate level. -read and write Java script on a Novice level. -C++ and Eclipse Experienced. 3 pages you have coded for the wiki (links): -I only have one page i'm still working on for weapons from low-high tiers. (Will be adding stats soon, I just need the items to see the stats). https://zanyte.wikia.com/wiki/Weapon_Main-Page?venotify=created Why you want to be a wiki staff member: -I just enjoy editing and writing for players who need information, I reply every time to someone's question about certain items the best I can... It would give me something great to do, as well as help the community thrive to work for their items once they can see the lists I am making.
  10. Hello, I've recently taken a look into the forums and such and i've noticed something EVERYONE has been asking about. "What does this item do?" and "How do I obtain this item"...I try my best to tell them, yet it has no effect because...even I DON'T KNOW.... If there's someway I could POSSIBLY get rights to spawn these items and check the Stats on the items and use the items, I could post it on the Forums/Wiki. That way anyone who has questions could just say a command such as ::wiki (itemname)….I am VERY experienced in this department,, PM me if you are looking for someone like me. Thanks, CruelSpecs.
  11. Youtuber Rank

    I was wondering how I could become a Youtuber on the Server, I have around 500 subs at the moment.