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  1. Eco reset and rebranding.

    I also think it is a good idea for a fresh ECO reset as il also believe to be able to recover and start from scratch again as everyone else, i really enjoy the server a lot so of course will be staying it will be a good step forward for the community, i did hear about duping and it was a bit disadvantage for other players including myself so this should be good for everyone as well for the Zanyte server.
  2. Qiffy's Trial Forum Moderator Application

    +1 Good guy, i also believe he is capable on this position
  3. Exilions server helper app

    +1 he is very active and very Helpful to new players in information, he also streamed time to time to which is very helpful towards both player base and server. i would also like him to become staff as a supporter so he has my vote.
  4. Brownie Welcome party

    Hello, hopefully i won't waste any time but IL give out my formal greetings to you all, My Name is Brownie also known as Liam i am 21 years old. i have played many RSPS in the paste and i recently discover Zanyte, i shall begin playing shortly so it is nice to meet all of you in this community, i also have discord. if you like to know more feel free to ask Fun Facts: i am from the UK i did a year working at a restaurant called sands @ Adventure island but currently Volunteering in a charity shop till i find work I can play on the server anytime, (even if its like 3am and i cannot be bothered to sleep) I mostly enjoy MMORPG Games Stellaris and Gmod currently my favorite things to play. I have steam and discord and enjoy YouTube and Gaming with friends, especially meeting new people to help boost my confidence. And Again it is Nice to meet you all. I be looking forward to meet and get to know you all.