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  1. Reccomend a song!

    So, like the post before, this is for recommendations on some of your favourite music, no matter what it is. I'm amazingly diverse when it comes to music, as there's only one genre I can not stand, and even in that genre, some songs still stand out. I'm a country boy at heart, but I have metal running through my blood. (Yes, I know, completely opposite sides of the board, but that's me, baby!) So, here's a song that I love, and have done since the first day I heard it. (Warning, song is explicit, expect a lot of naughty words.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfB7vF7nCdA
  2. A quick welcome!

    Hello there! My name is Lewis, and I am a father of five kids, so my life is pretty hectic. I've been on the server not too long, but already I've fallen in love. Don't be afraid to message me in game or strike up a conversation with me, I'm more than happy to talk to anyone. My activity will usually start 8pm GMT, but it all depends on the children and whatnot. Anyway, short intro done, hope to see you all in game!