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  1. Qiffy's Trial Forum Moderator Application

    Dudes chill, he might be fit for the possition.
  2. Ingame name?: Ingame name is Exilion. How old are you?: I'm 24 years of age. Position you are applying for?: I want to apply for the server helper possition a possibility of growing further into the server over due time. What timezone are you in?: UTC+01:00 Brussels, Kopenhagen, Madrid, ParisTime played / Date registered?: Currently sitting at 133 hours of play time in less than 2 weeks time. I registered approx 12 days ago. Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: I have been community manager for about a year on a server that has passed away a year ago. Have you ever been punished on the Server?: I have no current punishments. What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: I would like to assist people with any questions they have, I also want to be able to help the economy of the server progress in a healthy way and make sure the economy stays healthy. Extra information (optional)?: I'm very fond of the server and also care much about the server, I stream the server to try and get more attention towards it and also to benefit the eco from my giveaways (don't give away items that could harm the economy) I also think that I'm in quite close contact with most of the staff members already, and also try to report any suspicious things I notice. It would mean a lot to me to be able to be part of this awesome servers staff board to further improve on an already great staff team, to improve the server even further. Kind regards Exilion.
  3. Demotion - Anna

    Yeaaaa kinda wondering how she made 1.5Q in 2 days time while she got cleaned not even 2 whole days ago whilst she was drunk, clearly admiting to the fact that she didn't even have bank enough to afford a Cry sword anymore. Just think it's a bit fishy. Added to that she almost made people quit by gamble payouts. She clearly isn't aware how to gamble properly and doesn't know gambling ethics. This is just my two cents on it though.
  4. Incase anyone ever wonders what I look like... 


    1. Galars


      Now I know what to look for when i'm trying to murder you :D

  5. Anna's staff application (with poll)

    Lady deserves a vouch she's nice, and helpfull towards new and old players alike. So yea deffo deserves a chance.