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  1. Loot From 100 Blood torva! INSANE LOOTS

    Nice not too bad bro! Keep the videos coming!
  2. A brief look into RivalPS

    Brilliant video mate! Keep it up, hope to see more from you in the future! Perhaps you could try doing an iron man series if you have the time!
  3. Rastafumes' Helper Application

    I do see you helping out sometimes but I do see you dont have fifteen posts yet, Im not going to vote in poll yet, I will leave a few days to decide, otherwise good luck in your application!
  4. Updates 13.06.2018 - 04.07.2018

    Very informative! It's good we've got a thread for this! Thank you
  5. PVM Beginners Guide / Requirements

    Very well laid out guide! Well written, will help new players a lot!
  6. Hack Introduction!

    Welcome to Rival, I hope you enjoy your stay! -Qiffy
  7. Mbox Update Idea

    When the next update is released and M boxes are fixed I have a few simple idea's to make our community's experience better: 1. No wheel, just prize coming up in chat feed, this helps all players as they dont feel they have been cheated when wheel lands next to red. 2. I think we need to add more valuable prizes, such as 1,5,10 vote scrolls, Slayer Pts Scroll, Mm Box. 3. As an incentive for players to keep m boxes and not sell to rich players, we could make a m box shop which would use pts we could get from a reward from opening m boxes. Just a few suggestions, let me know if you'd like to expand on any of them! -Qiffy
  8. Loot From 250+ Mboxes

    Hey All, Today I decided to test out the current luck for Mboxes on the server. Below are the screenshots of what I started with, halfway through and when I was finished I am aware Mboxes will be buffed in the next update but I'd just like to say that we need to push this update out ASAP otherwise new players will be at a complete disadvantage. My suggestions would be that we remove the wheel from mboxes and have it so that it works like the chests and comes up in our chat feed. Hopefully this can give the developers some insight into how much mboxes need to be buffed specifically! Have a good day all! -Qiffy
  9. Sponsor Rank Giveaway!

    Ill give it a shot in the dark; IGN: Qiffy
  10. Loot from 25 Mega Mystery Boxes !!

    Unfortunately you got really bad luck from these MMbox's! I hope next time you get much luckier, nice video! -Qiffy
  11. STAFF FEEDBACK JULY 2018 We at Rival really want to be the best staff team we can be! Please consider giving us some feedback on how we're performing each month! We really appreciate all of our players and everything they do to keep our server thriving, it gives us the motivation for us to be the best staff members we can be! If you didn't enjoy the server, there would be no point to us putting in time and effort to keep this server going. As your staff team, we wish to know what we need to fix, and what we have been doing really well! All criticism welcome! Any feedback helps us in considering how we act, the way we talk to our players, what we work on, promotions & demotions, and how we operate as a team trying to look out for our community! Please take the time to write out what you think of our staff members You can give your feedback on your favourite or you can include us all! If you think a staff member did something really great you want to tell everyone else, please tell us! If you think a staff member needs to fix something they are doing, let us know! Full Staff Team: Zanyte Archie Galars Estpure Fatal Madara Mr Whale Trial Staff and Helpers: Wiseoldballs Qiffy Jazzy Leave any feedback below in the comments for this month! Each month we will have a new review post! Staff that were promoted after July 1st, 2018 are not eligible for staff of the month for this month, they will be able to be voted for next month!
  12. Top Voters of June

    Congrats to everyone who won, everyone who didn't you're all still legends! -Qiffy
  13. Application helper rank

    Hey mate, Very nice application, well written and I can understand it. I'm going to leave my decision as a no for now because I don't think you are well enough known within the community. Although I hope that changes! Best of luck in your application. -Qiffy
  14. Tervash Super Sponsor

    Appears to be resolved, moved.