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  1. Sponsor Rank Giveaway!

    IGN: Kyroe
  2. Qiffy's Trial Forum Moderator Application

    We're in need of active forums and we currently don't any forum staff to my knowledge, lets give him a shot
  3. Exilions server helper app

    Exilion has been very active since he joined, that's a decent amount of hours for little less than 2 weeks of gameplay, he shows that he wants to be involved and contributes by streaming and helping out new players etc. He already seems to be on good terms with everyone including staff so why not
  4. Demotion - Anna

    I do not have any personal beef with the individual so this comment is going to be completely unbiased. With that being said here is my opinion: 1. Going from broke to almost richest in-game is ridiculous, bug abuse I'm sure. (not main point of this topic but I like to say it anyway) 2. A gambler, especially someone with a staff position on top of, should not have the mentality of "I pay what I want" without discussing it first, especially knowing that people are going to be upset with stupid pets .... +1 for saying welcome and typing pm to help all the time -3 for bad mentality/trash payouts, potential bug abuse, drunk rants
  5. Personality's Helper Application

    Well written, has helped me progress within the game and is really chill! Also welcomes everyone who joins and assists when needed. Thumbs up!