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  1. Top Voters of July

    ill get first this time
  2. Summoning Guide

    Awesome guide! Good work
  3. Loot From Boxes/Keys

    nice! ez hax
  4. Fishing Guide

    nice! hope to see some others
  5. The Indian Introduction

    I've seen you around the server a lot, but we haven't talked much. Pm me if you ever want to talk to someone new, im always willing to talk
  6. Hades' Server Helper Application

    +1 Great friend of mine. He's very trustworthy and helpful! Good fit for staff
  7. Loot From 100 Blood torva! INSANE LOOTS

    very well made video man
  8. insane loots! keep grinding buddy
  9. A brief look into RivalPS

    nice vid man, keep it up
  10. Rastafumes' Helper Application

    Ingame name?: Rastafumes How old are you?: 18 Position you are applying for?: Helper What timezone are you in?: Eastern timezone. Time played / Date registered?: 206 hrs. About a month ago. Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Server?: Not on this server, but was mod on another server. Have you ever been punished on the Server?: No. What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: I would like to help other players with any problems they may be having. I am on pretty much all day, and am online quite often while no other staff is. Extra information (optional)?:
  11. Sponsor Rank Giveaway!

    ign rastafumes
  12. Sponsor Rank Giveaway!

    IGN - rastafumes GL all
  13. Rastafumes referral

    I joined a couple weeks back and was referred by hades, my irl friend. Idk what i gotta do lol