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  1. Hello players of Rival! Today, we have a simple giveaway for all of you! The prize is 5 Mega Mystery Boxes. You can enter by answering the question correctly and putting your in-game username(s) in the comments below. QUESTION: How many different NPCs (including non-combat NPCs) can be found at the Point Zone and what are their names? Rules: You may only enter once. Using multiple accounts is considered as cheating and will be dealt with accordingly. Answering the question wrong will make you ineligible for the reward. If you are seen giving answers out in-game and/or on the the forums; both players will be disqualified. Good luck! - The Management Team EVENT OVER The winner of the event is "Hc Spaceman". He won by default by having the only correct answer. Well done! The correct answer was: 4 Different NPC's are found at the Point Zone. 1. MewTwo 2. Charmeleon 3. Pointzone Dragon 4. Rival Point Store Pm "Jazzy" in-game for your reward of 5 Mega Mystery Boxes!
  2. Well, that's just sad :(

    Yeah those off-peak time zones can be quite inactive At least this rarely happens! -Jazzy
  3. Track an account

  4. Hey guys! Here's a quick fix on how to fix your stack of items that don't withdraw your correct desired amount. This is an example of what I mean. Here's how to fix it: Find the stack of the bugged item in your main bank tab. Withdraw the entire stack from the main bank tab. Withdraw the desired amount of the item from the now-fixed stack. -Jazzy (Last edit on 15 October 2018)
  6. Eco reset and rebranding.

    It's sad to see that this was all necessary If any dupers are reading this, I'd like to thank you for ruining a promising, growing economy with your ignorant and selfish actions. I hope everyone stays around to help us rebuild our economy! -Jazzy
  7. Food for Thought

    That's a very solid answer! My thoughts were along the same line; if there isn't anything in the area with the ability to absorb the vibrations through the air (sound), there wouldn't be any sound. Great thinking
  8. To whomever this regards, Here is proof of my rank: https://gyazo.com/5317d0fcf1028b3ff1b3a6e5789c9909 Thank you very much for your time -Jazzy
  9. Food for Thought

    Hey guys. I want to see what each of you thinks to this question. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This question is deceptively simple; so do take a few moments to process the question! (There is no right answer) -Jazzy
  10. Dummymeo life problem atm

    I'm so sorry that this happened to you! I wish there was more we could do for you I'm always a call/message away on discord if you need someone to rant to or have a chat with. I'm here for you brother! You are not alone. You're part of our family; and family sticks together. Wishing you well, Jazzy
  11. Loyalist Forum Rank

    I think for someone to be counted as a Veteran, they should have a certain Reputation, Post count, and Age (the accounts' age). Just my opinion though,
  12. Reccomend a song!

    Here's something completely different! It's my favorite type of music!
  13. KingOfBattle's Helper Application

    Hey! Well thought out application. Good job. Personally, I haven't seen you 'help' as much as some of the other people applying for a staff rank. We are quite far apart in terms of time zone so I may not see you on all of the time. Until recently, I haven't seen you helping others in the chat very actively. That's just my opinion, Good luck!
  14. Upgrading cryptic sword

    I personally think that the Cryptic Sword should NOT have an upgrade. I feel if there was to be a new Best-In-Slot weapon, it should be obtained in new ways. I think that a new OP weapon should be obtained from a new boss or even a new mechanic. By using the upgrade stone as the primary source of OP weapons in the game, you're restricting the economy by a significant margin. Another unpopular opinion of mine is that I believe such powerful weapons should be degradeable OR charged with something. That makes the player consider whether to invest into such a weighty item or even if it would be worth using the weapon at certain bosses. This would leave more room for competition from players who have weapons that are 30 times weaker. Just my two-cents
  15. loot from 500k key fragments!

    I think that the rewards from these guys are rather fair to be honest. You obtain the fragments from doing just about nothing. The key fragments are pretty much free GP or mystery boxes that you obtain while killing anything. The loot wasn't too bad!