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  1. Eco reset and rebranding.

    i will build up again thanks for all fuckers who fucked this up
  2. Updates 12.06.2018

    Posted June 12 we are now on 28 june without updates?
  3. Food for Thought

    is sound only sound if a person hears it?
  4. Player Own Store

    staff inactive much ?
  5. Player Own Store

    Hello I sold my Rainbow Torva Gloves for 2500 bucks . I was offline and now the bucks are gone???? can you pls give me my bucks back !
  6. Hey !!! hey !!!! My name is Bert Iam 42 years old and Iam From HOLLAND ! I love this server al ready !!!
  7. Anna's gambler application

    I vouch for her ! know her for a while now and she is a great player . hope she get it
  8. Updates 12.06.2018

    great updates