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  1. Eco reset and rebranding.

  2. Hd's dicer app

    Your view on what you THINK will happen as I said, them players were asking me to do the bets, I didn't force them into doing all-ins; clearly they didn't care for the game...Also I had no obligation to refuse a bet, as a free player am entitled to bet as high as I want, but what i'm saying is as gambler I won't. I guess you're Just going to have to take me at my word on that, at the end of the day you're just quite a bitter person anyway. Thanks anyway.
  3. Demotion - Anna

    I for one believe that a new gambler should be elected someone more fit for the role, with more b0nk
  4. Hd's dicer app

    Hi yh lets give this another try In-game name: Hc hd Age: 19 Time-zone: GMT +1 Time in game: 120 hours Have you ever been punished on the server before? No. Why you think you should get the gambler rank: Well to start I love to gamble, i like helping the eco so i'll never sit on my riches; quite frankly its boring. I'm already probably the richest in-game so I'd say I'm not really doing it for personal gain, its just to provide an opportunity for those willing to take a risk and get rich, to do so. I won't be taking bank bets. I will also be what seems the only active gambler, with the exception of anna who has her limits. But yh nonetheless, thanks for considering me, hopefully I get it this.... 28/07/18 --- bank: b
  5. Personality's Helper Application

    nice app bro vouch from me ofc ;p
  6. Hello, Just requesting forum super sponsor rank pls ty
  7. Gz to @David
  8. Upgrading cryptic sword

    i suppose that's a better alternative; whats the current success rate on it?
  9. Upgrading cryptic sword

    Yeah but 10% is a bit low for the risk factor, only someone really rich is going to risk upgrading, someone with atleast 2 i'd say... so that doesn't really come under "everyone" nobody else has more than 1 cryptic sword to my knowledge, maybe slave ^^
  10. Upgrading cryptic sword

    30% isn't really classed as easy, but I guess to an extent you're right; comes down to rng end of the day bro.
  11. Upgrading cryptic sword

    Idk what the current success rate of upgrading cry sword is but I was told somewhere around 10%, I feel that with such a big risk factor, it should be more towards 40-50%. Players comment your thoughts...
  12. Next giveaway will be announced in a few days, it will be Hide n seek at a scheduled time. Contender list will be announced in 2 days. Like and comment your ingame name to be entered on the contender list.-------------- DISCLAIMER:Any players with less than 5 hours and 50 hours or more playtime at the time of announcing the contender list will not be eligible to participate, sorry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA6v7lGgUa0
  13. Anna's gambler application

    this is racism vouch i guess
  14. Hd's dicer app

    bro, i got like easily 250t in items which can be sold at 200t almost instantly what the in-game time got to do with anything though like, i'm almost at 50 hours and i got top 5 banks so I don't think it should matter personally.. you're still butthurt, fooo got over it, but you lmao you took that 200t loss a bit too personally luv xx get well soon i do help, i just don't announce it, and honestly, i've never seen you help anyone either mate.
  15. In-game name: Hc hd Age: 19 Position you are applying for: Gambler/dicer Time zone: UTC + 1 Time played / Date registered?: 40 hours game time and registered possibly 4 days ago? Have you ever been punished on the server?: No What would you aim to accomplish as a gambler on the Server?: Balance of wealth throughout eco, not eco hold like a lot of the richest right now. I would also aim to create a higher trust for gamblers; to be used as MM as such. Extra information (optional)?: Always been a gambler/staker, all i've been doing since i started, one of the richest in-game right now, in only a matter of a few days. BANK PIC SCREENIE: http://prntscr.com/juqzcm WORTH: Roughly. just north of 600t after archie wep set are reworked, excluding them around 500t Thank you for considering me as an applicant.