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  1. Helper rank: Ingame name?: Fapachu How old are you?: I'm 22 years old. Position you are applying for?: Server helper What timezone are you in?: UTC +2 cest (Central European summer time) Brussels. Time played / Date registered?: Over 50 hours played Do you have any past staff experience regarding the server?: I have been a helper/moderator on a few starting servers. This was given to me because, on these servers, I was a beta tester. Since I tested the servers, I knew what was going on and was therefore rewarded with the rank. Have you ever been punished on the Server?: I have never been punished. What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Server?: It's important for every player, both old and new, to feel welcome on the server. We have to make sure that, as a community, we help each other out. It is only by standing ground as a team, that we can make sure this server reaches its full potential. We need to make sure that we aid the staff as much as we can, this by giving feedback, but also by just enjoying the server. And that is where I want to come in to play. I want to be the guy people think about when they need help, or when they have an idea on how to improve the server. I want to be the middle man between the idea and the realisation, between a problem and a solution. Extra information (optional)?:My name is Kishan Luyckx, I live in Belgium. I'm 22 years old, and beside Zanyte I spend most of my time producing rock music. I'm also the drummer of a rock band, Merry Anna. Any more questions? Please feel free to ask me anything down below, ingame or on Discord Sincerely Fapachu Kishan Luyckx