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  1. Welcome Kyroe!

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay! Have any questions when staff are not available feel free to PM me!
  2. Welcome hc ryan!

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay! Have any questions when staff are not available feel free to PM me!
  3. Looking to get Super Sponsor here on forums! Thank you!
  4. Staff Feedback - June 2018

    Zanyte: Zanyte seems like a really chill dude. Only talked for a minute on discord but was sending emojis an shit, and non chill people don't send emojis.. Love the server you got here and hopefully it continues to develop and grow into something great. Archie: I've seen archie the most so far I believe. He seems really cool. I see him come on and ask questions for things that should be fixed, goes afk, and then comes back and asks again. Seems committed to making this server great. Galars: Haven't really seen around, so not much to say. But, I'm sure your a great dude aswell. Estpure: This guy. Chill guy. Very dedicated to fixing up the server.. I think. I have been waiting a few days now for a five minute session with a goodie bag which is kinda annoying, but I completely understand.. I've probably bothered him so much now that he has removed the GMG and Cry Sword from the goodie bag lol.... Hopefully the game between spain and portugal is worth putting the goodie bag off for longer.. jokes aside seems like a good guy and like I said besides this soccer game I believe he is dedicated in making this server great. Fatal: I've only dealt with fatal twice now. Once for a MM job and everything went great. Even went out of his way to get me my part of the trade. Responds fast on discord and just overall seems like a great guy. Madara: I don't think I've seen Madara even once. But as with the rest of the staff I'm sure hes just as dedicated.