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  1. Hey welcome to this topic about all the special shops and prices off them in rival First we have the vote store located at ::home (its the squirtle) From left to right we have : -patriot spirit shield 100 voting points -colorful spirit shield 100 voting points -rasta spirit shield 100 voting points -silver chain 200 voting points (tier 2 amilet ig) -gold chain 500 voting points (best amulet in game same stats as drop collector) -bulls hat 250 voting points -the party hats and specs 50 voting points -drop collector 1000 voting points (best ig same stats as gold chain but picks up all the drops) -rasta outfit 100 voting points a piece -low chance upgrade stone 100 voting points -mystery key 1 voting point -mystery box 1 voting point -mega mystery box 10 voting points -donator box 100 voting points Next up is the donor shop 1 located at ::home (mr krabs) From left to right we have: bloodshot camo whip 250 donation points bloodshot armour 150 donation points ( tier 5 armour ingame) rainbow whip 750 donation points rainbow armour 350 donation points ( tier 4 armour ingame) rucord armour 250 donation points ( tier 2 range armour ingame) cryptic sword 2250 donation points ( 3rd best sword ingame) cryptic armour 500 donation points a piece (tier 2 armour) burst armour 500 donation points a piece (tier3 armour) tyrant armour 850 donation points a piece (tier1 armour) oblitary sword 4000 donation points (best sword in game) oblitary offhand 4000 donation points ( best offhand in game) rival wings 15000 donation points (best wings in game 2000+ bonus in all stats) Next is donor shop 2 located at ::home (mr krabs) From left to right we have: -ring of wealth 300 donation points (best ring in game 10% drop rate boost) -ring of riches 100 donation points (second best ring in game 5 % drop rate boost) -drop collector 500 donation points (best ig same stats as gold chain but picks up all the drops) -mega mystery box 40 donation points -pet box 150 donation points -torva mystery box 50 donation points -air whip 500 donation points -magma shield 250 donation points -magma battle axe 500 donation points -uzi (s) 75 donation points -ak47 (g) 300 donation points -dragunov (s) 500 donation points -raygun 1000 donation points -thundergun 1500 donation points -silver chain 75 donation points -gold chain 150 donation points -ring of power 500 donation points (gives best attack bonus as a ring more then row) -ring of defence 250 donation points (gives best defence bonus as a ring) -boxing gloves red 500 donation points -blue boxing gloves 500 donation points -golden minigun 3500 donation points (best range weapon ingame) Next up is the pk points storeat ::home From left to right we have: -staff of light 30 pk points -morrigan's javelin 1 pk point -morrigan's throwing axe 1 pk point -hand cannon 20pk points -hand cannon shots 1 pk point -fighter hat 12 pk points -healer hat 12 pk points -fighter torso 12 pk points -tokhaar-kal 30 pk points -fire cape 8 pk points -blue dragon defender 8 pk points -blue dragon claws 50 pk points -bgs / sgs / zgs 50 pk points -ags 55 pk points -korasi's sword 50 pk points -saradomin sword 25 pk points -all the rings 20 pk points each -overload 1 pk point -lava whip 65 pk points -lime whip 65 pk points -patriot whip 80 pk points -rasta whip 90 pk points -colorful whip 100 pk points -blood whip 150 pk points Next up is prestige points shop 1 at ::home From left to right we have: -brawlers (smithing, prayer, cooking, fishing, thieving, hunter, mining, firemaking, woodcuting) 5 prestige points each -2x xp ring 3000 prestige points -staff of the gods 1500 prestige points -dual rapier 1500 prestige points -all the sirenic pieces 2000 prestige points each -WARNING ALL THE ARMOUR IN THIS SHOP IS COSMETIC- Next up we have prestige points shop 2 at ::prestigezone From left to right we have: -3x xp ring 6000 prestige points -4x xp ring 9000 prestige points -extreme potion 100 pretige points -double drop potion 400 prestige points (works for 30 minutes) -lifesteal potion 500 prestige points (works for 30 minutes) -10% drop rate boost potion 400 prestige points (works for 30 minutes) -black dragon shield 2500 prestige points ( best shield in game ) -blue dragon shield 1500 prestige points Next up we have the zombie minigame shop at ::zombies From left to right we have: -zombie outfit 25 zombie fragments each -dessert eagle 1500 zombie fragments -uzi 5000 zombie fragments -ak-47 10000 zombie fragments -dragunov 12500 zombie fragments -scope 750 zombie fragments -grenade launcher 500 zombie fragments -suppresor 300 zombie fragments -raygun 22000 zombie fragments -thundergun 28000 zombie fragments Next up we have the rival points shop located at ::pointzone From left to right we have: -earth whip 50k rival points -water whip 75k rival points -air whip 125k rival points -clawed glove 550 rival points -anger items 300 rival points each -bluerite sword 200 rival points -mystery key 100 rival points -rival bucks 250 rival points -mystery box 1500 rival points -chaotic staff 5000 rival points -mega mystery box 50k points i hope this topic helped you a little kind regards -wiseoldballs-
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  13. loot from 500k key fragments!

    welcome to see the results of opening 500k key fragments 5 minutes later.... and the loot..... 1 pair of oreo gloves 1 pair of raziel platelegs final loot (reused the key fragments out of the m boxes) i hope you guys liked it!<3 -wiseoldballs-
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    I do not support it because i think the upgraded cryptic sword would be op asf and if every1 Gets it it's not good. What i would suggest is keep it at 10-15% -wiseoldballs-