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  1. I'm going to preface my introduction with a simple statement. Now that we're done with that let's get down to details. Name: Eric Age: 22(23 as of february) IGN: Zedd(obviously) I was recently banned from the discord and made a rather long an salty introspection into why the ban was bad and that was inappropriate of me.. I was purely venting my frustration at being unjustly accused. Well I guess I can get into other gritty details.. I speak fluent German, Russian, French, Japanese, and Korean. I for a long time since I was young (roughly the age of 6-7 have been playing RPG games such as Diablo (1/2), Fallout, Elder scrolls etc. Have been playing RSPS since 08'ish and was an admin and mod in several including the now defunct Butter scape and Dragonscape.. Along with being an Administrator for a Warrock, and Crossfire Private server (back when they were a thing... kinda?) Owned and operated 2 separate 317 servers (both now defunct obviously). I'm disinterested in seeing how the Zanyte re-brand of Rebel317 progresses . Due in part to not having a moderate amount of time to play and see progress.