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  1. How well known is the person above you?

  2. Staff Feedback - June 2018

    I wont be voting cuz I can only vote for one person, im typing this here because I can vote for 2 I vote for fatal and galars.. Fatal helped me when I first started and is a hella awesome staff member. Galars is one hella funny nigga, he has done an amazing job on the web page as well.
  3. Mr Whale's application

    +1 he would just make a great mod honestly, hes not too uptight and is super hilarious. He has helped me a lot in this game as well.
  4. Slayer Task- Celestial Dragon

    Add drops and rewards to the pointzone dragon "aka" celestial dragon in slayer. They have 15k hp and drop nothing at all, I don't think that feels right since all monsters should have drops period. I hope this helps to add drops to this dragon, Thanks. Sincerely, Future eco Custom GOD! lolz probably who knows >:3
  5. Bank Color

    The color of the bank background is black, its hard to see half of the items considering most of them are a dark color from what I have seen since I just started like an hour ago, and I would like if the colors could be changed or if we could change the colors ourselves to create a custom bank that would be awesome! Thanks, Sincerely Custom God Future Eco Holder!