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    TOP 10 You can now do ::top10 to see the top 10 damage dealers ingame You can see how much damage you have dealt in the player panel BOSS DROPS Bosses drop loots to everyone if over 6 people kill him BONECRUSHER Rick pet now automatically burys your bones. The XP is equal to using the bones on altar. COMMON DROPS Added more common drops to bosses SLAYER Slayer store now has slayer tokens in it which you can sell to other players Reduced the cost of Group Slayer gem to 5000 points God Slayer Master now gives 5 different Boss tasks Added God Slayer zone - Teleport tab - Special Teleports - God Slayer Zone which is only accessible when in a slayer group AMULETS Drop collector no longer has stats Drop collector is now upgradeable to Drop collector(u) which has stats (odds are 1/2) Silver and Gold chain now give only melee stats Added 5 new amulets - Dropped by God Slayer bosses BUGFIXES ::drops, ::updates and ::forums commands fixed Fixed bugs with untradeable items being tradeable Fixed a few weapons showing "Unarmed" in the Combat Styles menu Fixed Pathing Made Clan Chat text red - Now better to look at it when in fullscreen mode Fixed a lot of custom items having "Drop" as the wear option Fixed Some items inventory models Fixed Vorago examine being too long to see your kill count
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    I just wanted to give positive feedback on Fatal. Ever since Fatal has become part of the Rival staff, he has been extremely helpful and courteous. He helped me out quite a bit during my beginning while I was noobing it up in game, even before he was part of the staff. Keep up the good work bud!
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    Yup , fatal is really good staff member , he helps alot , and does his Job well +1
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    Personally I think there are good elements to this proposed mini-game and also bad ones and I have a way to develop your idea but I don't know how much extra work(coding) it would be. I like the general idea of the mini-game however I think it should not be accessible for any players unless they have killed iktomi at least 50 times or are a Super Sponsor. The reason for this is that the whole idea of the server is that you have to grind for armour and I feel like it takes away from the idea of grinding if you can be rewarded the best armour in-game. Maybe you could implement that unless you have killed iktomi then you cannot receive access to the tiered bosses. Obviously you would make the mini-game harder for each tier but I would advise that if you do go ahead with it that you put serious thought into the drop rate system because I myself have grinded 80+ hours already and do not want someone in rainbow to recieve cryptic so easily. I would suggest that if you were to make this mini-game that it would require 2-3 people to get to the last tier and not accessible by people that are at least not on Lefosh. I do like the idea of this minigame being a maze almost the way barrows is but changing every time (Again, a lot of coding) Regards, -Qiffy
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    I'd personally change a couple things. Maybe have like 40 chests in the room and only 1 works, idk if its possible to make a random chest work, because if so that would be cool It would be really cool if fake chests turned into an aggressive npc when tried to open. If not, then I'd do a less than 5 mboxs for just the first chest, maybe like 1 for the first, 3 for second, 1/10 chance of cape on last or 5 boxes
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    Hello KingOfBattle, Welcome to Zanyte. Please feel free to look around and get to know the players and staff members of Zanyte. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask any of our staff members or experienced players. If you create an account on our forums, you will automatically create an account on the server aswell because these are linked to eachother. Best of luck on Zanyte and we hope you will enjoy your experience here! KingOfBattle joined on 04/17/2018. View Member
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    Hello Estpure, Welcome to Zanyte. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I would like to let you know that if you did create account on forums - it means you now have account on ingame as well! And vise versa (making account ingame - makes account on forums). Estpure joined on the 03/20/2018. View Member
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    Well, i have one minigame idea laying around, so im curious if any of you have ideas? It would be custom minigame with 100% custom mobs. 1. 10-15 mobs waves - no rewards for that. 2. After beating these 10-15 waves , you will be taken to tier 1 boss. Easy boss. 3. After beating tier 1 boss, you will be taken to tier 2 boss. Decently hard and challenging boss. 4. After beating tier 2 boss, you will be taken to tier 3 boss. Extremely hard boss. 5. After killing tier 1 boss, you will be given 1 key and you have 60 seconds to open chest on the same room - Rewards will be 5x mbox/mmbox/torva box/range box/magic box/pet box or fancy box. 6. After killing tier 2 boss, you will be given another key and again you have 60 seconds t open chest on the same room - Reward will be random item (literally every single custom item we have , including tyrant and other op items). 7. After killing tier 3 boss, you will be given another and now you have 240 seconds to open chest on final room. Reward will be completely new best cape or completely new best melee/range/magic armor piece). + some dpoints (this is not 100% yet). This is just idea and if we get positive feedback, then we may see this minigame end of this week or somewhere on next week